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Here is Carly, to prove I’ve taken more pics that just my own kids! March 16, 2009

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Isn’t she adorable?!?!

img_6560k1cwebShe came over to be babysat and had on this beautiful hand knit poncho and hat.  How could I NOT get our my camera?



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Before another month goes by with no post.  I’m going to capitalize on my latest bout of inspiration…  I went to a seminar last night by JB Sallee, Texas Photographer of the Year for three years and winner of best album of the year at WPPI.  To throw out more acronyms I went with two ILP’ers so life is good!  Always good to have people to chat with that share your passion for photography, when I’m not online chatting with my other ILP buddy.

My assignment for myself this week is to post process a few more of Carly’s pics and ask permission to post one here.  I also am anxious to get back to Meadowbrook and this time take some texture pictures.  I’ll show you what that is all about soon.  I pretty much ignored that aspect of this art form until last night – more inspiration from JB.  A trip to Europe to go texture hunting is out for now but I’ve got Meadowbrook.