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I’m moving… September 10, 2013

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Please join me at pArt of Life Photography’s new webiste!!

Thanks for following my work!  See you at the new site!


Exciting new things for pArt of Life… March 23, 2013

Lots going on over at pArt of Life Photography!  I’m working on my SEO – that’s Search Engine Optimization for you non-geeky people.  Today I signed up with Thumbtack, another place to advertise my photography business.  This is where you can find me at ThumbTack!  I’m looking for all the ways I can get the word out to people looking for many ids of photo sessions: newborn sessions, child photography, senior portraits and head shots.  I do many types of headshot photography – business, acting, modeling, you name it!  I also do small wedding photography.  If you have a bigger wedding that you need coverage for then I can team up with one of the local photographers that I work with.  All of my sessions get my attention to detail in making your session meet all your needs and then some!

I’m in the beginning steps of redoing my website and blog.  My logo designer is helping and I’m so excited to see it!  I’ve added on to my colors and will be uploading new galleries.  Stay tuned!


Did you know? August 30, 2011

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that I was a DJ in college? Before you get too impressed it was for my college radio station – WMTU. Luckily, I got some pretty decent time slots due to friends with seniority helping me out. No 2 am shifts for me! Sunday afternoon Cindy and I aptly named our show “Radio Show Faux Pas”. My show with my friend Chris was on Tuesdays or Wednesday nights I think. Darn, how parts of these memories have grown foggy. I have to bring up my DJ days whenever Toad the Wet Sprocket comes on or certain old REM songs. Hey, it’s one way I can still impress my kids. For now I kick back with Pandora customizing my personal stations and I even have an old radio show station saved with bands from way back – well, not too way back but you get the picture!


Gotta love a girl in high-tops! May 31, 2011

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Ah, the life of a child born to a parent obsessed with photography… I bought these shoes with a photo shoot in mind. Of course, when my daughter saw them she wanted to wear them to school. Gasp! I relented thinking a little dirt would be good for them. I had to get this session in before the shoes got trashed. They needed just the right amount of character added through wear, not too much and not too little. We ran into town last night to take advantage of the golden evening sun.


Some more fun in the studio… May 18, 2011

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Kyra and I had some fun with paper and props! I even got the boys in some pics but I’m not done with those yet.

Here is one of my favorites ever of Kyra. It’s a true smile and I even caught her dimples.

This needs some fine tuning before I print but I was really excited about this storyboard.

Oops, I lied – here is one with all three kids. I’ve learned my lesson (for the most part!) about keeping sessions fun!


A workshop of my dreams… April 25, 2011

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I’m entering to win a chance to win a workshop spot with Crave Photography. Oh man, oh man – this would be the chance of a lifetime! Check it out photogs!

Thanks Crave for the chance to win! Fingers crossed in Michigan…


So close… March 24, 2011

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I had a maternity session scheduled for 9:30 this morning. I received an email at 6:15 saying that the baby couldn’t wait. Wishing them the best and anxious to hear news about the newest addition to their family. That baby has one super sweet older brother. I’m so happy for all of them!