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Wall of Hope April 29, 2009

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My photo-friend Laura Dillion has a very rare type of cancer.  She is creating a Wall of Hope to bring peace and hope to all those going through this ordeal.  She asked me to submit my picture of Logan, jumping at Lake Michigan.  I was very honored, and of course, sent her my picture.  Here is a link to her blog…

Thanks Laura for touching my life, you are a true inspiration.



at last, a live website…

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I have my domain name pointed to zenfolio for photo hosting.  It’s a step up from flickr and a good stepping stone to my own website.  Check out

I have plenty more photos to add.  I will also be offering private galleries to people after I do their photo sessions.


more from the zoo April 26, 2009

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Here is a pic of Carly at the zoo.  We were in the polar bear tunnel.  I missed the bear but took a snap of her.  I love the blues and her reflection in the glass – not to mention her adorable little self!img_6789carlyweb


found a little kitty

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Not my usual subject matter but I wanted to play with my new lens.  Love the reach of this zoom and the sharpness even after I cropped this from a larger photo.  Enough of this this kitty I need some new kiddies to try it out on.



It’s official! April 25, 2009

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I went to the County Clerk and registered my business name.

pArt of Life Photography.  I’ve had the name in my mind, and the domain name, for over a year.

I’ll be updating my blog with more samples of my work.  I will also be putting up information on getting in on my portfolio building sessions.  Stay tuned!

Last night I went to a wonderful photography seminar put on by Sandy Puc.  It was her second of a series – this one called Tots to Teens.  It was very informational and inspirational.  If you are a photographer check her out and find out about next years dates!


some of our best times… April 23, 2009

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are shared in northern Michigan.  Even after going to Gaylord for years we are still discovering new spots.  This is taken at a spot I’d never been even though it’s at the resort where had our wedding reception.