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Gotta love a girl in high-tops! May 31, 2011

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Ah, the life of a child born to a parent obsessed with photography… I bought these shoes with a photo shoot in mind. Of course, when my daughter saw them she wanted to wear them to school. Gasp! I relented thinking a little dirt would be good for them. I had to get this session in before the shoes got trashed. They needed just the right amount of character added through wear, not too much and not too little. We ran into town last night to take advantage of the golden evening sun.


Prom Time in Rochester! May 28, 2011

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I had the pleasure of attending a pre-prom party this week. It was all perfect except for the rain, which we have had way too much of lately. The party was moved indoors, dashing my hopes to photograph the kids amongst the gorgeous landscaping. Of course, the inside of the house was beautiful too. I would love a backdrop in my studio like the wallpaper in this beautiful foyer. Anyway, I’m all about capturing the faces and well-dressed kids on this special day. So, here are some from that day. If you want to see more, you should have been at the party! I’m working on getting the rest of the pics up in an on-line gallery.

My friend Chris and one of her beautiful daughters! Thanks to her I had the opportunity to be there!


Some more fun in the studio… May 18, 2011

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Kyra and I had some fun with paper and props! I even got the boys in some pics but I’m not done with those yet.

Here is one of my favorites ever of Kyra. It’s a true smile and I even caught her dimples.

This needs some fine tuning before I print but I was really excited about this storyboard.

Oops, I lied – here is one with all three kids. I’ve learned my lesson (for the most part!) about keeping sessions fun!


Finally getting green around here… May 16, 2011

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Michigan has been fighting it’s way into Spring and showing some progress. Some Spring sessions have been booked and I can’t wait. Next week Romeo then back to Rochester. Love it! You can’t beat the lushness of Spring and the lack of sweltering heat and bugs.

I’m overdue in posting my latest studio session. Little Parker was sooo smiley. I didn’t always catch them but there were plenty. He was such a trooper after waking up early that day. He was all grins for hours. His sister is a doll too. Loved their session. They have two older brothers who were at school and missed the fun. I have such a hard time deciding which photos to include in these posts. Have I mentioned that before?!?