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Sweetness! Rochester Mi Portrait Photographer March 30, 2012

He had his cake and ate it too, and even wore it!  This was cuteness overload for me.  Matthew seemed to know what to do and this time he finally didn’t crawl off full speed ahead!  At first he played around timidly then he got a taste and kept digging in.  Not a lot was eaten but I think he liked what he got and he really enjoyed playing.  By the time he was done he had crumbs in his curls and frosting between his toes.  Now to pick my favorites – this part if always the hardest!

This is when he tried to pick up the whole cake.  Ambitious little boy!


One Response to “Sweetness! Rochester Mi Portrait Photographer”

  1. Reena Says:

    He is just so cute! What a fun session and I love his red hair!

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