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Engagement session Photo Walk April 19, 2011

Thanks to Edward John Photography I was able to join him on an engagement session photo walk. I jumped at the chance to join a great photographer at one of my favorite places. I traded in a windy soccer game for a windy photo shoot. Not a bad deal and I was home in time to spend another hour in the cold wind at a second soccer game of the day. My client emails and edits are up to date as of a couple hours ago so I finally got to play with these shots. I’ve narrowed it down to my faves – never an easy task. I can’t decide which daffodil picture I like better. I think it’s the one with their eyes closed. And once again thanks to Ed, and my photo friend Shannon for spreading the word, as well as the cute couple – Jessica and Ben. Here is a link to Shannon’s shots on her Clicking Through Life blog.

A memorable part of the photo walk was when Ed was describing lots of issues to think of when posing and interacting with the couple, Ben commented something along the lines of, ‘Wow, all that is going through your head?’ And I thought, ‘and then some!’ since we hadn’t even discussed manual exposure, etc! My head spins with all I have to think about when setting up a shot. It has gotten easier and I do love the techy side too as well as interacting with the people I’m shooting! Anyway, I’m anxious to share…


4 Responses to “Engagement session Photo Walk”

  1. Nice shots Jeanine! That was such a fun shoot, I’m looking forward to doing it again sometime!

  2. Great work Jeanine. It was a pleasure to have you on the walk. Thanks for braving the cool windy weather.

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