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I’m moving… September 10, 2013

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Please join me at pArt of Life Photography’s new webiste!!

Thanks for following my work!  See you at the new site!


Exhibit Project ~ Beginnings… Rochester MI Photographer April 12, 2013

Although days like today severely diminish my convictions, I do believe that Spring is coming.  It’s been a busy winter here.  I kept waiting to catch up with myself.  My IT jobs were busy at times then taxes took me wayyyy too long (I WILL be better organized next year but that’s another story), and life as a mother to three is usually never too slow.  I wanted to focus a lot of my photography business.  My to-do list is a mile long.  I love checking into new products both for clients and for myself (enter better tax tracking software that I purchased!).  I’ve been organizing my hard drive and moving files to a NAS drive.  Go ahead and ask me if you have a techie question and maybe I can help!  I’ve also taken some on-line workshops to improve many aspects of my business.  One workshop was ReStart with Jasmine Star and it was amazing and inspirational.  I became involved in an off-shoot project headed up by Sharina Wunderink.  She explains the Exhibit Project in this blog post.  Basically a group of 36 photographers will post on the 12th of every month.  Yes, I’m starting to work on mine on the 11th!  Hey, better than the 21st, right!  We will follow monthly themes and share stories and inspirations, as we like to do best, through photography.  Although, I must say that in speaking and writing I do get to use my native sarcasm more so I’ve gotta have that too.  Guess that’s why I like to blog!

The first theme is Beginnings.  We haven’t seen much of the beginnings of Spring here in Michigan.  Ok, I do have crocuses but that is about it!  Bring on the forsythia and red buds!  So if I can’t showcase a glorious Michigan Spring, then my next thought was coffee!  It’s one of my first thoughts each day.   I decided to showcase a more powerful Beginning and share some newborn images.  I love these sessions I think it’s time for some more sessions like this!

pArt of Life Photography newborn



To see more photographers in this project please check out Tamra Horner Photography.  If their Beginnings post is not up yet, it should be soon!


Exciting new things for pArt of Life… March 23, 2013

Lots going on over at pArt of Life Photography!  I’m working on my SEO – that’s Search Engine Optimization for you non-geeky people.  Today I signed up with Thumbtack, another place to advertise my photography business.  This is where you can find me at ThumbTack!  I’m looking for all the ways I can get the word out to people looking for many ids of photo sessions: newborn sessions, child photography, senior portraits and head shots.  I do many types of headshot photography – business, acting, modeling, you name it!  I also do small wedding photography.  If you have a bigger wedding that you need coverage for then I can team up with one of the local photographers that I work with.  All of my sessions get my attention to detail in making your session meet all your needs and then some!

I’m in the beginning steps of redoing my website and blog.  My logo designer is helping and I’m so excited to see it!  I’ve added on to my colors and will be uploading new galleries.  Stay tuned!


Snowy Photo Session – Oakland County Photographer February 13, 2013

These girls have been friends since they were very little.  What better way to celebrate a good friendship than with a photo session?  They gathered their hats and scarves, then boots and even some capes!  We headed out into the snow.  It was just perfect.  A few minutes before it was snowing really hard then it settled into gently falling snow, just perfect for outdoor winter portraits.  These girls were troopers as we tried out new spots, all while trying to keep their toes and noses warm.

Winter Portraits by pArt of Life Photography, Oakland County Photographer

Winter Photo Session by pArt of Life Photography – Oakland County Photographer

Snowy Photo session by pArt of Life Photography LLC

Winter Photo Session by pArt of Life Photography – Oakland County Photographer

by pArt of Life Photography LLC

Blue Cape Winter Photo Session by pArt of Life Photography – Oakland County Photographer

Stylish Winter Portrait Session by pArt of Life Photography LLC

Stylish Winter Photo Session by pArt of Life Photography – Oakland County Photographer

by pArt of Life Photography LLC

Winter Photo session by pArt of Life Photography, Oakland County Photographer

Fun Winter Photo Session by pArt of Life Photography LLC

Winter Photo session by pArt of Life Photography, Oakland County Photographer

Stylish Winter Portrait Session by pArt of Life Photography LLC

Winter Photo session by pArt of Life Photography, Oakland County Photographer

Styled Winter Portrait Session by pArt of Life Photography LLC

Winter Photo session by pArt of Life Photography, Oakland County Photographer

I know I shared a lot but I had so many favorites.  Can you believe they even had capes to bring with them?  I was lucky enough to borrow the rose colored cape to use for future photo sessions.  I can’t wait to use it again, maybe this time in some lush woods when Spring returns to Michigan.

I’ve got another winter photo session to share soon.  There is still time to get one before Spring comes.  I’ve got my eye on some new locations for some great Spring sessions.  I’m always location scouting and am getting pretty good at finding some great unique places.  Email me at if you are ready to talk about how we can create a special photo session just for you!  When you have a minute stop by my website at  Thanks!


Two little cuties, Macomb County Photographer January 26, 2013

I’m catching up on blogging some sessions from last fall.  I met the mom of these cuties on-line.  She is the awesome creator of Busy Mom’s Slow Cooker blog and facebook page  If you have a crock pot or were thinking of getting one, you should check her out.  She has so many great recipes to offer!  Gotta love having dinner ready when you get home from work, or having it cook while you go with your life.

We met up for her photo session on a Friday evening at George George Park in Clinton Township.  I’ve always wanted to have a photo session here but hadn’t done one yet.  Such a pretty park for a family photo session, senior photo session or wedding party images! The two kids at this photo session couldn’t be any cuter!  Ella is such a doll and proud to be four!

by pArt of Life Photography LLC

family photo session at George George Park

Gavin loved to climb the rocks and explore.  His smile is awesome and oh my, those eyes!  Beautiful and blue, like his sister’s.

by pArt of Life Photography LLC

family photo session at George George Park in Clinton Township

You know I just have to share a few more.  This photo session was so much fun.  I think we all enjoyed the warm fall evening.  We got some family shots and more of the kids.  Now Mom and Dad have some wall prints and a 4×5 accordion album to show off of their adorable kids.  What a great keepsake of this time in their lives.

by pArt of Life Photography LLC

George Gerge Park photo session

If you are in the neighborhood, George George park has a great brick pavilion, a natural pond, a cool arty water fall, a fun playscape and a winding trail.  If you are heading to George George Memorial Park and need a photographer just let me know.  I’ll meet you there with my camera!


Big Bright Light Show in Rochester, MI January 8, 2013

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I’ve been a slacker, or busy as I prefer to call it!  I finally made it to the Big Bright Light Show in downtown Rochester, with my camera.  Yes, it happened to be the last night they were on (or if history repeats itself, until the Snow and Ice Festival, shhh!).  If you haven’t been you’ve got to check it out!  Rochester has completely redone their main street: road, sidewalks, planters – the WHOLE thing!  The lights go on for the holiday season on the last Monday of November.  That night is Lagniappe, which means “a little something extra” in creole.  The sidewalks are filled and stores often give a little something extra.  My kids’ favorite is the flashy led item of the year from Lucido Fine Jewelry.  Anyway, the lights turn on at 7pm that night and shine every evening until this year on January 6th.  I love to see the downtown bustling every evening, as I’m sure the businesses are after a tough summer due to the construction.  Oh, and if you are out walking around don’t forget to head down 4th, which is pretty lit up as well.  Where 4th meets Water you’ll see the Knitting Mills Building with huge flashing snowflakes up the side.  That building is home to the Rochester Mills Brewery, some businesses, and Paint a Miracle.  From there you can walk across the bridge, and along the river and the Royal Park Hotel.  Every year there is a huge gingerbread house in the lobby of the hotel, complete with giant recipe card if you are feeling inspired to make your own!  Whew, I sound like a tour guide instead of a photographer.  On to the images from my little downtown photo session!  Of course, ‘someone’ had to jump in some shots and throw a few poses my way.

Here’s a few shots from the other night.

Big Bright Light Show Rochester MI

Big Bright Light Show, Rochester MI


yearly Big Bright Light Show in Rochester MI


yearly Big Bright Light Show in Rochester Michigan


portrait session at Big Bright Light Show by Rochester MI photographer


New Frame Vendor, and a sale! January 4, 2013

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Just ordered a sample set from a new frame vendor.  They are having a sale right now so let me know if you are interested.  I’ll be able to bring these frame samples to photo sessions and in-person order sessions.  I love the look of these frames, the cool colors and the great prices.  And if you ‘like’ my photography page on Facebook and subscribe to blog updates you will find out when they have future sales, as I pass along sales from my photo vendors whenever I can.  I’m sure these frames will be great, they are from a sister company to my favorite canvas company.  My canvas company is raising their prices (sniff, sniff) but they have a sale through January 12th if you would like to bank one (or more!) for a future session.  This would work for past sessions too if you are really missing having one of your images ready to hang on your wall.  That reminds me, I need to take some shots of the canvases I ordered this year and post them here.  I love them!  If you’re not ready to commit I’ll just keep you updated when this vendor has future sales as well.



BBMetalI ordered 8×10 frame samples in Chocolate and Polished Silver.  I’ll also have a smaller samples of all the other colors on hand at my photo sessions, or any time you stop by the photo studio.  I also have lots of resources to help plan photo collections to your walls!  We could add on to a photo wall that you have started or start from scratch.  I’ve got many templates to peruse to help us out.  Soon I’ll be adding an exciting additional service (at no charge) that will be even more help at your next in-person ordering session.  Email me if you would like any more information.  Like I often do, I offer a discount for the client that tries out a big new advancement to by business so let me know if you are game for that one!  See you soon!